Why You Need The Exterminator In The First Place

The exterminator is one of the most-feared humans of all pests. Or is it true that they are all laughing at him? No, it cannot be that. When the exterminator does arrive interrupting their evening meals, they do not expose their teeth out of irritation, but doff their furry caps at him and politely pack their bags and scurry off down another hole before the rodent exterminator staten island poison takes effect.

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But come next summer, there they are again. They are back where they were before. And look here. Everything is exactly as it was before. Time to eat, children! No, the rodents do not laugh at the exterminator, they have still got much to fear from his annual visit. But they are having a ball of it with the person who left that mess down there in the first place. Does that person happen to be you by any chance?

It could be. And one wonders why and how. No one has yet to complain. And so there have been no visits from the city health inspectors either. But just you wait and see. That day may soon come. If the neighbors do not complain, the exterminator will report you to the authorities. While the exterminators tend to get it in the neck a lot of the time for not always being able to wipe out the plague that the Pied Piper once brought, he could have only been able to do so much, and much of the blame, in actual fact, lies with you.

You need to clean that place of yours up, Chuck. Exterminators may only come and go once or twice a year but rats and mice, the homebodies that they are, will be there most days, come rain or shine.