Outcomes Based Training Of Technicians

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Part of the outcomes based features of training technicians no matter what area of industry or commerce they are being prepared for is that the technicians of the future are being trained on the spot. What this basically boils down to is on the job training. All factory trained technicians perris ca based could be doing time on an apprenticeship program. Serving time in such a program could be short-term.

But on more occasions than not, the apprenticeship period can last several years. The welding industry is a case in point. It is actually a good example to utilize in this note on the outcomes based approach taken towards training future technicians. The welding industry has a number of sub-sectors. The apprentice that is prepared to go all the way and, at a later stage, go into a specialized field, can expect his period of training to last up to six years.

And a lot of that time will be taken up on the factory floor. It is hugely beneficial to the young, high school-leaving apprentice because while he is in training for his future career he is already earning a living. And in accordance with industry standards, the wages are not bad. While the apprentice is still essentially a student, he is treated just like any other employee. It can be assumed that he will be treated well.

As part of his basic training, he should however, not expect to be treated with kid gloves. But rest assured, this is not boot camp. If a colloquial reference could be applied, there is to be no ‘jacking about here’. The training instructors, also known as journeymen, take their work quite seriously. Only the most exemplary men are appointed to train the juniors.